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We buy B2B SaaS apps from independent founders and grow them to their next stage. We aim to complete all deals in less than 30 days.

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We analyse your numbers and agree on a sale price.

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We conduct qualitative and quantitative diligence of your company.

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Close & Transfer

We put your money in Escrow and you transfer assets & IP to us.

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Made for indie hackers. By an indie hacker.

Push Capital was founded by Tim Green, an indie hacker with experience in multiple different areas of online businesses including SaaS platforms, e-commerce sites, and WordPress plugins.

We know how internet businesses are run and we know what you value. This makes the handover process smooth and efficient.

Why Push Capital?

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We work fast. We aim to close all deals within 30 days.

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When we make an offer we share how we got to that number and the assumptions we made.

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Get founder-to-founder contact for rapid decisions.

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When we acquire your business we add new life to it and push it to greater heights.

I bought a WordPress plugin from Tim in April 2022, the sale was very easy and stress-free. From the deal being accepted to the deal being closed was 3 weeks. The assets were transferred quickly and Tim provided assistance throughout the process.
- Javier Renzi, scraper.site

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