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May 2, 2021
Hello World

Introducing ourselves

Hi, we are Push Capital, a new company dedicated to acquiring and growing existing SaaS apps.

What companies do we invest in?

At Push we have a specific set of companies that we are interested in. These are B2B SaaS apps that generate recurring revenue. We also want these apps to be founder-led and in the early stages of growth. There are various reasons for this but primarily this ensures financial responsibility of the company.

We want to buy companies with 3 figure recurring revenue ($100-$999 MRR).

How do we invest?

We have documented internal processes for acquiring companies that ensure both you, the seller, and us remain happy. This also ensures the process will be efficient, we aim to complete all deals within 30 days.

Acquisition timeline

Our acquisition timeline target allows us the complete deals in less than 30 days. Obviously each deal is different and sometimes this process may take longer, but our target is 30 days. See our Investment Thesis for a breakdown of what this entails.


Push Capital is a transparent company. In the valuation process we will share our assumptions with you and the methodology used to reach our offer.

We will also be publishing the ups and downs of each acquisition and growth, in true #buildinpublic (#buyinpublic ?) style. Follow us on Twitter, and our founder Tim Green, for all the updates.

If your want to sell your SaaS business to us, please go to Sell Your SaaS.

Want to sell your SaaS?

Get in touch with us and we'll get back to you quickly with a decision.

Sell Your SaaS