Who we invest in and how we do it.

We've put together this investment thesis so you can check if you'd be a good fit for us.

What companies do we buy?

đŸ’» Product

Our target products are B2B, SaaS platforms with existing recurring revenue.

The tech stacks we work with are Rails or PHP backend and Vue or React frontend. We can make exceptions if we really like your company.

💰 Revenue

Our target revenue is currently 3 figures/month recurring ($100-$999 MRR).

🔄 Company Cycle

The company should be a bootstrapped, founder-led startup. This generally results in better financial decisions for the company, which we like.

📈 Growth Potential

We want to invest in companies with a high growth potential. After we acquire a company we have a multi-step process to add value and grow it to its next stage.

How do we buy companies?

⏳ Acquisition Timeline

Once we've identified an opportunity that we are happy with, we will move quickly and not waste your time. We aim to complete all deals in less than 30 days.

This is a rough guide for our acquisition process:

  • Day 0: Sourcing.
  • Day 1-7: Negotiation. We come to an agreement for the price of acquisition.
  • Day 8-15: Detailed diligence. We request access to your company accounts and financials.
  • Day 16-25: Escrow & close.
  • Day 26-30: Asset & IP transfer.
🔎 Transparency

Throughout this process we remain transparent with you on what stage we are at and how we have come to the conclusions we have.

When we send you an offer we will include all our assumptions and methodology to calculating the acquisition price.

Want to sell your SaaS?

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